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    I am trying to extend my home wifi using an Airport Extreme as base station plus an Airport Express as the extender. I have my base station setup for DHCP and NAT. Unfortunately, my ISP is Spectrum (Time Warner) and the equipment they installed is a modem+router combination so I get a Double NAT error with this configuration. I tried eliminating the Double NAT by changing the base station to "bridge-mode" but when I do this the Airport Express no longer works as an extender. Is my only option to have Spectrum send someone to set their device to "bridge-mode" or would that even apply here?
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    Please accept this suggestion as well intended. Buy a modem and use an airport express as your router. Modems are about $70 US, and the payback is less than 2 years.

    I don't know Spectrum specifically. My experience with Comcast is having their device modem/router opens your connection to be a public hot spot. Anyone with Comcast credentials can sign in using your connection. There is a claim it doesn't impact your speed, etc.

    My concern is more "tin hat" and Legal. I don't want the potential hassle of what could happen if someone signed in using hardware in my house to do illegal activities. Yes, I'm leasing it from Comcast. Yes, it's in my house. Goodness knows what could happen with Legal fees for defending myself and the more nefarious civil forfeiture.

    Given the choice a two year payback (versus something I likely won't have to worry about but I am concerned) I'll take the midterm money savings. It will also save you time getting your connections up and running. There was a time I enjoyed spending hours "cracking the code" to getting my network up and running. Those days are gone.

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