Problem: streaming videos from iTunes on PC to iPad1 with AirPlay. Help.

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    Hi folks,

    I have a PC with iTunes and an iPad 1. I can stream videos to the iPad that are stored in iTunes on my PC using AirPlay, but it's a pain to get going. I should be able to run the videos app on the iPad and just pick what I want to watch, but it only gives me the videos currently synced to the iPad as a choice.

    To watch something that's on my PC, I have to go into the iPod app on the iPad, connect to the iTunes library on my PC, then look for a recently-watched video and press play. If I then press stop when the video starts playing, it allows me to then browse the video library on the PC and play something from the PC.

    Surely there's a simpler way for me to access videos on my PC using AirPlay than this?


  2. copydeskcat thread starter macrumors 6502

    Jun 12, 2008
    I can't possibly be the only person experiencing this? Or maybe I am?
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    First of all, it might help to use the correct terms. Airplay is streaming from your computer or iPad to your TV or home theater system connected to an Apple TV or Airport Express. That does not appear to be what you are doing. You appear to be using the new Home Sharing feature.

    Now as for your issue, to use Home Sharing you should go to the Videos app on your iPad and from there you should choose "Shared" to get to your Home Shared library. Then you browse your videos stored on your PC in iTunes as you would if they were stored directly on the iPad. I haven't tried this yet on my iPad because I literally just received it in the mail but that's how you do it on the iPhone and it should be similar on the iPad.

    Someone else might be able to be more specific.
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    This is correct. What you want to do is not AirPlay, it's Home Sharing. You just go to the Videos app on your iPad, click on the Shared button, select your Library and you should be able to play all your videos.

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