Problem transferring hard drive to 13" MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by LSUtigers03, Apr 7, 2011.

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    I bought a 2011 13" MacBook Pro Monday. I wanted to remove the hard drive that came with it and put in my 640GB hard drive from my 2007 white MacBook. The MBP doesn't recognize the hard drive and won't boot up. What do I have to do to get my bigger hard drive to work? My white MacBook won't turn on so I can't make a time machine backup then wipe it and restore it with the pro.
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    do you have a spare external you could clone the 640gb?

    does u're macbook not work before after you removed the hdd?

    i do not think you can simply put the macbook drive into the MBP due to the different drivers etc

    what i would do is clone the 640 gb to a spare external drive, formatted the hfs+ into 2 partitions - A for the clone as an emergency back-up and B for time machine

    then put the stock hdd back into the mbp 2011 - fire her up and connect the 640gb hdd via an external enclosure/doc/sata-usb adapter
    then manually migrate in all u're files you require and back-up to partition B on the external hdd

    format the 640gb as GUID 1 partition in hfs+
    then bung in u're osx dvd and install snow leopard onto the external and migrate the data from u're external hdd stored in time capsule parition B.

    Then swap the hdd around, and hey presto you should have a bootable, fully working syst, with the 640GB hdd

    i am sure there are much easier ways, but this way is tried and tested, and i have done several times in the past few months
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    Known issue. The build in the 2011 is different than previous versions. You will have to reinstall Snow Leopard from the 2011 disks. If you don't have another computer to use, get a USB/SATA adapter from Best Buy - they're like $30 - and slave it that way. Then do the backup, wipe completely. Install hard drive, boot from DVD and install the 10.6.6 from the DVDs. Then you can restore files from the backup.

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