problem trasnfering voice memos from ipod touch to computer

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by alex1313, Jun 22, 2010.

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    I have a question about voice memos on ipod touch. I have lots of important large voice memos in my ipod touch (60 minutes lenght each one) I am unable to transfer them to my computer. I have read some articles about syncing with itunes but all of them say when I connect my ipod to itunes, a "voice memo" playlist or folder will be created automatically. well, the folder has not been created. then, I read that I can transfer them manually by going to the music tab on the ipod section on itunes, select sync and press the button "include voice memos" the problem with this option is that I don't want to erase the media files I have in my pod. I have set up playlists that would be of great loss if they are erased. it took me a while to make them. (glad I can do them now with ios 4.0). also, when I proceed it gives me a message that everything is going to be erased on my ipod and be replaced with the itunes library. I am very afraid if I click ok the voice memos will be lost. could you guys tell me what is the best way to transfer those voice memos from my ipod touch to my computer. by the way, I have been using this computer for almost a year to manage my ipod files but I just authorized this computer on itunes today, before trying all I explained above. I am also running IOS 3.1.3, getting ready to install 4.0. please help.



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    Why would moving them manually delete your playlists?
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    I also had a problem getting voice memos from my ipod Touch to my computer. The recording would not even play on the ipod but it showed that there was 1 hour of recording on there. It would not sync to itunes either despite me ticking the include voice memos box.

    I downloaded iphoneexplorer from

    It was great. You can read your ipod just like using windows explorer or finder. I could drag and drop to my desktop not only the recording that was on there but another recording I have done the previous week but given up as lost. Highly recommended and relieved much stress on my part!

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