Problem upgrading from Nokia to iPhone 3GS?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by okieman, Jun 26, 2011.

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    Jun 24, 2011
    I got so tired of my buggy Nokia 6350 that I went to my service provider's website (AT&T) and bought an iPhone 3GS. When it arrived I read the instructions carefully and started the upgrade/activation process. Everything went fine until near the end.

    I got to the page where they ask you to take the iPhone apart and make sure the numbers on the inside match the ones they show as being the phone they sold you. Just before that step, but on the same page, is a comment about moving all your names/phone numbers off the old phone and onto the iPhone. The link took me to a page where I had to select the phone the numbers were coming from (my lousy Nokia 6350) and the phone the names and numbers are going into (the iPhone). That in turn generated a popup that showed a diagram of a cell phone that looked like my Nokia with instructions about taking my new SIM (presumably from the iPhone), inserting it into the Nokia, and then following a few more steps to copy the names/numbers from the old phone to the SIM for the iPhone, The diagram and instructions were pretty minimal.

    But I didn't do any of this because some questions came to mind. First of all, why were the instructions so vague, and more importantly, was the SIM from a smart phone really compatible with a little flip phone? I had to leave the next morning for a family event where I talked to my brother, who works at a tech support call center for a major phone company (not AT&T).

    He told me there was a possibility that my Nokia would look at an unfamiliar type of SIM and just format it. Wipe everything off of it. He suggested I instead use my card reader to copy everything from the Nokia SIM into a folder on my PC, then get on a forum like this one and find out if in fact this flip phone-to-smart phone information transfer has any hazards? And how to handle them?
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    Jun 21, 2011
    I have exactly the same problem after upgrading small .The after the upgrade does not help the main all.From which can be found on Apple's website, without support say that I have to go through my cell phone operator, but it seems to have no interest in helping with this problem.
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    all sim cards are the same so you are 100% perfectly fine to switch it to different phones, infact some people (myself included specifically switch my sim to an old phone when going on a night out so I cannot loose my iphone)

    but even though the method of putting in the new sim into the old phone would work, it is not the way I would do it.

    the way I would do it is copy (export) all the contacts to your computer using nokias sync software (ovi suite) this should put them all into windows contacts (or outlook if you have it)
    then connect your iphone and in itunes select the place from where you want to sync your contacts in the relevent tab.

    alternatively (this is what I did) after I had got my contacts off my old phone to my computer I exported them from outlook in comma separated values (.csv) and uploaded them to gmail, then set up the iphone using google sync and now every contact I add on the phone is synced with gmail (along with the calender) and if I replace with a new phone I just sync the new phone with google sync.

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