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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by GyroFX, Jun 15, 2006.

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    I'm not sure when exactly, but recently after upgrading QT, OSX, and other stuff, streaming videos online can not be streamed anymore and it crashes ALL of my browsers. The only videos that are ok are from sites such as youtube, google, livedigital, etc. All other sites streaming video will cause my browers; Firefox, Safari, Opera to crash like no other. Does anyone know why and have any solutions? Thanx
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    Okay, if it's just QuickTime movies then find a file named, drag it to the Desktop whilst all browsers are closed and restart the machine. See how it goes from there.

    If that does nothing, then open a new user account and see whether the problems carry over. What sort of upgrade did you do? :)
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    Open the QuickTime preferences pane.
    Click the Advanced tab.
    Click the MIME Settings... button.
    Rotate the Miscellaneous - Miscellanious file formats triangle.
    Check the QuickTime HTML checkbox.

    Quit System Preferences.

    Relaunch System Preferences.

    Is QuickTime HTML still checked?

    For me, it is not. As in your case, this is a recent development. However, the problem exists only on my home machine and not my similarly configured computer at work. Deleting preferences files for the plug-in seems not to work. On my home machine, I have nearly every QuickTime codec known to man. I have a lot on my work machine, but not as many. I will take note the differences to see if one of my home codecs is causing the problem.
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    Jun 28, 2008
    youtube video viewing problem

    I'm experiencing viewing problem at youtube which when i play the movie it'll keep playing half way and stop by itself:mad:. sometime i need to wait till 1st time playing finish (with run and stop many times) then be able to watch it smoothly at 2nd time. can anyone help me to solve this problem? thks.:)
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    Jul 24, 2008
    Crashing streaming video

    Hi -
    I recently played an educational DVD that included video and had to use autorun for this program. Since then I am unable to view streaming video over the internet. Irrespective of which browser I use, I get the spinning ball of death and my browser stops responding. I have to go to force quit to exit my browser. Any suggestions on how I can watch internet video content again? I assume the educational DVD may have downloaded something onto my computer that I have to delete? How can I find where this is and get rid of it? Thank you!
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    This seems to be an apparent problem wtih FireFox & Flash.
    It happens in Windows as well and im experiencing it with all versions of FireFox and the lastest flash player.

    You may benefit by downloading a previous version of the flash player.

    check out the Firefox forums at for possible other fixes as its been happening for the past few months it seems sporadically.

    Id take the recommendations of the first two responses, check and see if its a user-permissions setting or error that might be conflicting with the preferences. as a new user will be a fresh start that can be changed and tested like new.

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