Problem with 30" ACD and 08 Mac Pro

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MythicFrost, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Mar 11, 2009

    Recently my dad's 30" ACD has been having some issues. Sometimes it doesn't turn on when he starts up the computer, it stays black, and the white LED status indicator on the display is often flashing -- I've been told this is an error code, although I can't make out what the pattern is (using Apple's webpage for this). I've run TechTool Deluxe to make sure the GPU is fine (GTX 285) and it is.

    He's only noticed these issues since he replaced his second screen; a 23" ACD, with a 24" Apple LED Display, however we've tried swapping the old screen back in to see if the issues persisted, and it's hard to tell, I think it has happened with the old screen in as well, which leads me to believe something is wrong with the 30"'s PSU or something.

    Any thoughts on what might be the issue? I'm thinking of calling AppleCare and seeing if they can help.
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    I had that problem before. Bring it to a genius bar and they will order a replacement unit for you. It will probably take about 10 days though.

    in the meantime, try unplugging the adapter and wait for minute and plug it back. it should reset everything, but if the problem persists, do the above. there is not much else that you can do.

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