Problem with Apple Music account and Family Sharing

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    So me and my brother are using iPhones, and we have a joined Apple ID for the App Store and iTunes store, and obviously each one has his own Apple ID for iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime and such.
    It never caused us any troubles, everything always worked fine until now.
    A friend sent us an invitation for family sharing on Apple Music, which means we could use Apple Music through his subscription. Instead of linking the thing to the Apple ID that is actually connected in the Music App (the joined account of the iTunes store), it activaes it on the account that's connected on iCloud, because that's what Family Sharing is about.
    Is there any way to bypass this? Make the joined account activated for Apple Watch through the invitation?

    Let's say ill go to my fathers Android device, connect the Apple Music app to the joined account, and activate the mail through there. When i'll go back to my iPhone, what'll happen? Will the Music app on the iPhone (that's connected to the joined account) work with the subscription?

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