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Oct 21, 2012
i'm having problem with my chrome and safari browsers..

when i'm surfing those browsers, sometimes the window just scrolls down by it self. youtube and other start to pause-play by it self all the time and when i am looking for quarry in google the search bar seems to push the space bar by himself..

i don't know what it is.. maybe a flash update or something like this ?

i just updated my operating system to OS Mavericks few days ago, and at the beginning everything was ok..

my macbook pro is late 2011.

please help me i really don't know what happened..



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Dec 1, 2013
Jony's house
Probably an issue with the space bar. If you press the space bar, it will scroll down, and also play and pause youtube. You might have something in your keyboard that just needs to come out, or you may need to replace your keyboard. Or you might just be pressing it yourself.
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