Problem with connecting two G5's on a LAN, easy way to get over passwords?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by euphoriasonic, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Jan 8, 2006

    I have two Apple PowerMac G5 towers, both dual 2.5 GHz models. Both are running OS X 10.4 Tiger. One is for Pro Tools HD2 system, and other is for Final Cut Pro 2.

    Anyway, i have them both plugged into a 4-port Lynksys wireless router, both hard-wired. In Finder, clicking on Network, i can see the hard drive for the computer i'm on at the moment, and when i click to sign on to server, i can see the other computer's name, but i'm being prompted to sign-in, to access the other computer's hard drive.

    The main goal of having them on the LAN together, is to transfer project files from computer to computer, through ethernet cables, so we don't have to use external hard drives. i had successfully gotten files from one computer to the other before, but not back and forth from both. now, neither will fully connect to each other.

    Tried every combination of login and passwords, but we can't remember what the login and password could be. it's not the normal admin password, that is used to authorize normal software installation and stuff.

    My question = Is there an easy way to reset this network login/password obstacle, without having to format and re-install OS software on either computer?

    Any help appreciated, thank you! :apple:

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