Problem with Firefox 38 Error Message: This Connection is Untrusted

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    Firefox 38 for Macs is blocking several https websites, including Goggle, with messages that read: "This Connection is Untrusted." The error message appears even after an "exception" is added to specific https websites like Google.

    In Preferences > Advanced I have this option selected: When a server requests my personal certificate: select one automatically." Also, I have had the following option check-marked and uncheck-marked without it making any difference: "Query OCSP responder servers to confirm the current validity of certificates."

    The following Mozilla Support page for this issue does not help to solve this problem.

    I've included two screenshots of the errors that are commonly appearing in FIrefox 38 in my experience.

    It's important to note that I have previously visited the https websites without a problem that are now being blocked by Firefox 38. Thanks for any tips on how to stop Firefox 38 from blocking safe https websites like Google on a regular basis.

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    Not sure why you are having the issue with the new version of Firefox. Do you have the Entrust signing certificate imported on your machine?
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