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Jan 8, 2020
hello, I have a problem with te fusion drive of my mac. I see 2 partition, 1 is the ssd and 1 is the hdd, I tried to adjust following the apple’s guide but didn’t work. When I confirm the command “diskutil resetfusion” the terminal give me the following error:

in October an user of the forum have the same problem,I understood that you have to go to macos and see the list of disks and then run commands from the terminal, only that the partitioning of the discl, seen by making the "list of disks" is different, so I cannot execute the same commands that were indicated on the other user to solve the problem. I am attaching the photo of my diskutil list below.


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May 19, 2019
Your data will be lost if the fusion is broken - but in order to re-fusion it, you will have to either boot into internet recovery or an external OS - and go into terminal. You should type these commands:
diskutil ap list
Copy physical store ID
diskutil ap deleteContainer **Paste Code Here**

Next confirm that your HDD and SSD are /dev/disk0 and /dev/disk1 by typing
diskutil list
and then type these two commands:
diskutil cs create fusion /dev/disk0 /dev/disk1
**Copy the full UUID number**
diskutil cs createVolume **Paste UUID number** jhfs+ "Mac" 100%

Afterwards your drives should be fusioned and you can install a fresh operating system.
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