Problem with HPS external drive on windows

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    Aug 4, 2010
    Hey guys. I'm new here. (obviously from lack of posting and stuff)

    Well, i just got my MBP yesterday, and i already added bootcamp.

    So yeah, the problem is now. When i was using Mac os, i used the partition on my external hard disk, so that it would be used to 3 partition ( Music, Games, Work)

    So yeah, i made it to 3 partitions, and now its HTS. I can't read or write anything on it on my Windows part, but i think it'll work fine in my Mac os. Any ideas on how to make usable on both windows and mac os?

    A sincere thanks to all who view this. Thanks buds. I'm just getting started to mac. So please shed some light on this for me. I'm hoping for a quick reply.

    Over, Out. -Tami-
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    Aug 16, 2005
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    Did you install the Boot Camp drivers? If so you should be able to read files on the HFS+ partitions. Of course there may be other issues that depend on which Windows OS you installed and how you formatted the external HDD. (I'm not sure that you can read APM or GPT partitioned disks on XP for example).

    You could switch one or more partitions to FAT32 to gain read/write access from both OSes. This would require moving all of the data off of the drive to reformat it.

    You could abstract the file system over the network by plugging in to an Airport Extreme or Time Capsule.

    You could use the $50 Mediafour MacDrive to provide read/write access (other alternatives here:


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