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    Feb 11, 2017
    I am not sure it is right section to post or not.
    I have just brought an iPhone 7 plus. I have tried to create a new iCloud account from my device. But when I am trying to connect with App Store, it is not working. What could be the reason? First time iPhone user.
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    The Community Discussion forum is pretty much a catchall bucket for things that have nothing to do with Apple, like tattoos, sports leagues, barbecue grills, food, etc. People come to this section of the forum when they don't want to discuss Apple.

    In the future, you should probably post this to the Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services section of this forum to get more pairs of eyes who are interested in this type of discussion. You may wish to contact the forum moderators to get this thread moved to that forum. I'm sure the instructions on how to contact them are somewhere in the FAQ.

    Back to your predicament: since you give no detail about any error messages or symptoms apart from "it is not working", it's nearly impossible to identify what the problem is.

    I suggest you fire up a web browser on your computer, visit and try to create the Apple ID there first.

    If you are successfully able to do that, I suggest you fire up iTunes and try to log in with the newly created Apple ID. If that works, I think you could try it out on your iPhone.

    Not sure how far an Apple Store is from you, but the Genius Bar is there specifically for these issues. They can watch you try to log in, see any messages/behavior/etc. that might indicate what the problem is.

    With the almost non-existent amount of detail you have given, it is highly unlikely that anyone can specifically point out what the problem is in your particular case.

    Good luck.

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