Problem with iPhone 3G-S and Etisalat in UAE - Outgoing Calls

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  1. paul428 macrumors newbie

    Oct 26, 2009
    This is a continuation from an earlier thread but I've started a new one and modified the Thread title slightly, just to try and widen the hits.

    I've had the following recent problem with Iphone and Etisalat.

    I've recently purchased a factory unlocked iPhone 3G-S, as my previous iphone 2G screen bust.

    I have a Wasal Etisalat Pay as you go sim card in Dubai, which i've had for about 3 years. It's always worked fine with my old iPhone.

    The problem I've had when using my new phone is I can receive texts and voice calls, but can't make any out-going calls or send texts.
    Each time I try, I get the Etisalat message saying I need to add credit to my account, even though there is plenty of credit on my account.

    I've tried taking my sim card out and using an old handset, which works fine, and no problems, so back to the 3G-S.

    I called Etisalat last week. The guy said to 1) switch off 3G mode, 2) turn on AirPlane mode for 10 seconds, then turn off again. 3) turn 3G mode back on, 4) go to GENERAL - RESET - Reset Network Settings.

    I did as instructed... everything was fine and working again, until my credit ran out this week. I topped up, and we're back to the same problem.
    As the sim works fine on another handset (non-iPhone), I'm assuming it's got to be something between iPhone 3G-S and Etisalat.

    After speaking to Etisalat again this afternoon, they changed there advice, and said I need to restore the phone via I-tunes, and that would work. They also said the problem is nothing to do with them.
    It did not work, and I'm still with the same problem.

    Has anyone had the same thing happen?

    Does anyone know how this can be fixed?

    Any advice / thoughts would be much appreciated.

  2. gvan33 macrumors newbie

    Nov 20, 2009
    etisalat iphone 3gs solutions

    wel we all have that issue etisalats fault.... not our iphone.
    the reason why we have that its because of the data connection of the iphone
    once the data is communicating and its connected the call problem and the txt problem starts...... to fix it TEMPORARILY put your phone in airplane mode and and off again.or turn off your push notifications if you have. and go to settings mail, contacts tab turn of the fetch new data and in general location services is off too... your iphone works with etisalat if you can manage not to connect the phone in any data connections (gprs,edge & 3g) too bad some of the iphone users are using this features.....

    or better switch to du all is working prfectly with du

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