Problem with iPhone 4, need advice desperately!

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  1. AlexandraRose, May 8, 2011
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    AlexandraRose macrumors newbie

    May 8, 2011
    Hi there!

    I'm a newbie here, but I do need some advice in regards to the iPhone 4.

    I live in the tropical area of Australia. I bought an iPhone 4 in August last year, and in February this year, after Tropical Cyclone Yasi (it was quite a destructive cyclone), that iPhone had to be replaced (had problems during phone calls where people couldn't hear me, but i could hear them fine).

    Now, 3 months later, my second iPhone 4 has had issues.

    The other night I had my phone beside me on the bench while I was doing the dishes, a little bit of water must of run down and got on the bench, the iPhone was fully cased, including front and back clear stickers inside the hard case. The iPhone got went on the back of it, but was not submerged at all, nor was there even droplets of water on the screen, just a small layer at he bottom. There wasn't a great deal of water I believe. I took the iPhone out of it's case, dried it etc, and it was saying it could not read my Sim card. After a while, the phone turned off and wouldn't turn on. So that night, I put it in a bag of rice just in case there was a little bit of water in the sim card slot.

    The next morning it finally turned on. The phone has never been dropped, the screen is in perfect condition, no water marks, scratches, nothing! The phone still looked virtually new. Was working perfectly fine for about... 30 minutes, then all of a sudden all of the system wide issues started happening. After about an hour, the phone was stuck in recovery mode, still turned on and everything, but I think it was unable to read the sim card anymore. I rang Apple, did the whole trouble shooting process with them and they determined that the phone needed to be replaced.

    I then looked at the liquid indicators, the head phone jack was completely fine but the indicator at the dock has turned pink. The camera lense had also dried up of any humidity/ condensation as well. For it clear up that quick (around, 7 hours, from the time I put it in the rice, to taking it out and trying to resolve it) there must have been little water within the phone.

    Even though I bought the phone outright with the AppleCare plan, in order for them to send you the replacement phone first, they require a $1000 hold on my credit card, which I do not have. So I have sent it away to them first (There is no Apple retail store for the iPhone where I live).

    You must get this type of question a lot, but I would like to know how if anyone could be able to give me some advice on the possible extent of the damage to the internals, would the internal indicators be on even if one of the outside indicators was not activated? The chances of that one being replaced would be pretty much, 0%? You get my jist... LOL

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated =D x
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    Jun 1, 2010
    I haven't had water damage myself, but obviously if your iphone came into contact with water, stopped functioning properly while setting off the indicator, you're pooched with regard to any sort of free replacement. I would suggest to keep it in rice for several days to thoroughly dry for any hope that it is still salvageable.

    Apple had a program in the US where they would replace a water damaged iphone with a refurbished version for $199US, so if all else fails I would call apple or go to an Apple store and pay for a replacement.
  3. AlexandraRose thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 8, 2011
    Thank you,

    But yeah, Yeah it's a shame. This is my first iPhone, and Ive never been a huge fan of the iPhone because I'd heard of the several problems with them over the years.

    But they should make the phone a little more resistant than that. It was a little amount of water as well, I've had smart phones in the past that have come into contact with a lot more water than that... and ironically enough, I'm using one of them right now while my iPhone is in for service or whatever.
  4. AlexandraRose thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 8, 2011
    Just thought I'd update this thread, Apple have decided to send me a replacement iPhone: "Your service request has been completed and we sent you a replacement IPHONE 4 on 09.05.2011. ".

    Which is fantastic! Maybe the internal indicators were not triggered or they were either feeling rather sorry for me or generous LOL.

    Thx again.

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