Problem with iPhone headset/iPhone automatically pauses music???

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by asherman13, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Hello all,

    This is my second Apple iPhone Stereo Headset; my first one had the same problem.

    I use my iPhone at the gym a lot, usually to watch a movie or TV show while on a stationary bike or elliptical, or to listen to music while on those machines or a rowing machine. I work out fairly often, and I do sweat quite a bit. I use the Belkin iPhone armband, and of course, the cable of the iPhone Stereo Headset gets a little sweaty as well. After a good amount of use, two things have started happening:

    1. The iPhone will randomly pause and play the movie/song I am currently watching/listening to, and sometimes will skip to the next song or two (or more!), and...

    2. The microphone on the iPhone Stereo Headset won't work to either pause, play, or skip songs when I squeeze the mechanism.

    My concern is that my sweat could perhaps be building up along the cable and sliding into the microphone assembly, thus causing the song pausing/playing/skipping, and the failure of the "squeeze" aspect of the microphone, but I'm really not sure. Luckily, Apple replaced my old Headset free of charge, and I'm about to call them up to have them ship me another replacement set.

    Has anybody else out there experienced this, and if so, what are the circumstances of your instances of such odd iPhone behavior? Have you found another iPhone headset that does not do so upon working out/sweating heavily? Also, has anybody worked out/sweated heavily while using the Apple iPhone Stereo Headset and NOT experienced this behavior?

    Thanks so much for all your help!
  2. javasaurous macrumors newbie

    Dec 11, 2008
    Me too

    Yes, I just started experiencing both problems: Random pausing of songs and loss of ability to pause/resume music with the mic button. I have the second generation iPhone.

    It isn't happening a lot, yet.

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