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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by spencecb, Oct 18, 2006.

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    Nov 20, 2003
    So, I had some weird **** happen lat nite with my iTunes.

    I was listening to music on my iMac G5, with the latest version of iTunes (I beleive it is 7.0.1) and the app crashed twice. Upon trying to launch it the third time, after the second crash, when iTunes opened, it acted as if it was the first time it had been installed on my iMac. It went through the normal Setup steps, then once I finished that it imported my iTunes library.


    Also, it crashed again today when I was listening to music while cleaning. This time it was different, as when I went out to my iMac there was no dialogue box explaining the crash (like there normally is) and I reopened it and everything was fine.

    I might try re-installing the app, but just wanted to get this out there and see if other people have been having this problem.

    Before I finish, I know some might ask what version of OS X I am running. It is OS X 10.4.8...everything on both my iMac and MBP are up to date.
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    Are you having trouble with any other parts of your system? OSX has a fail safe measure whereby if an app crashes too many times in a row (I believe it's three times) then the preference file will be ignored and your customised settings (in this case, your music library's location too) will also be ignored. It should have prompted you with a dialogue box asking if you wanted this to happen though.

    Nevertheless, if it's still crashing after the preference file dump, then that's very uncool. What do you have plugged into the machine? Do you have any third party add ons for iTunes? :)

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