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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ssccrab, Dec 2, 2006.

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    Ok, I just got my macbook yesterday, and I've done the updates and everything. :D I'm a musician, which is the primary reason as to why I got the macbook in the first place. I used to do all of my recording on my PC. On my PC, I could line-in my sound board, and listen to what I was putting through the sound board on headphones coming out of the PC. So, I line in my sound board to the macbook after setting the sound preferences to line-in, and hook up my headphones to the line-out on the macbook as well. I start playing my guitar expecting to hear sound coming from the macbook through my headphones, but.... I hear no sound coming out of the headphones!!:eek: So I call Apple, and he tells me that that's the way it was built. Is this true???:confused: :confused: Or is there some way to line in something and hear the sound coming out of the system speakers or headphones?!? This is torture to me!! :mad: I know you should be able to line something in and hear it being played or coming out, like an MP3 player or something... I thank you for all of your help and replies!!

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    if you run up garage band you can monitor the line-in

    Theres also a free app that does the same, i forget the name, but someone will know :)

    It's not a hardware thing, it's just that by default macos doesn't let the audio through.
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    audio hijack pro will allow you to hear whats coming through the line in (and record it to a variety of formats).

    There is a demo which is free (only allows you to listen for 15 mins).

    Its pretty cheap though and a good program

    Search for other programs (and audio hijack pro), im pretty sure there is a free one out there

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