Problem with MDP to DVI to HDMI

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Cave Man, Jul 12, 2009.

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    I bought Monoprice's Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter with a plan to connect my Rev C 1.83 MBA to my 1080p Sanyo PLZ-2000 projector with a DVI to HDMI cable from the MDP adapter. However, while the MBA sees the projector in the Displays pane, nothing appears on the projector. If I connect with my Apple VGA adapter to the VGA input of the projector it works just fine. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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    Mar 22, 2009
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    Just to be sure, the DVI adapter works fine with a monitor? If yes, could this be the infamous HDCP getting in the way?

    If your projector isn't HDCP compatible, it's possible that's an issue:

    Or if it is, maybe the combination of the mDP-DVI and your DVI-HDMI isn't HDCP-compliant.
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    Jan 16, 2006
    If Cave Man can't even get the Mac desktop to display via the projector, I don't think HDCP is the problem. HDCP compatibility only matters when you're specifically trying to play HDCP-protected material.

    If it *was* an HDCP issue, then the Mac output would display via the projector as normal, but with a refusal message appearing when the OP tried to play an HDCP-protected video file.

    In any event, I've just checked the specs of the Sanyo PLZ-2000 projector and it's fully HDCP-compliant. There's some other problem involved here. As you say, Cave Man really needs to confirm that the MDP>DVI>HDMI cabling works to get the MBA's output into a monitor.

    Actually, Cave Man - why did you choose to go MDP>DVI>HDMI? Why not just buy Monoprice's MDP>HDMI adapter and miss out the unnecessary DVI stage?

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