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    I purchased a new iPhone 3G and before I set it up I wanted to make sure I had MobileMe fully set up and syncing. I used .mac previously but hadn't synced anything for the last month.
    I went through the setup and have MobileMe syncing working. My email is syncing fine and it appears the Contacts seem to be syncing. The problem is my iCal won't sync.
    I have everything set up in my MobileMe preferences to sync ical, contacts, bookmarks, etc. I have it set up for automatic syncing but have done manual syncing. Unfortunately when I log in to MobileMe and view the calendar it still has the calendar from around a month ago.
    When I started using MobileMe again I wanted to start over so I actually unregistered my MBP, set up and registered MobileMe again and then selected to replace all data on MobileMe with what's on my computer.
    I have also added some additional calendars to iCal which it also is not syncing. Does anyone know why MobileMe is syncing all my items but just not my calendar and how I can fix this? I use the calendar heavily and actually at this time am just using my iPhone as a phone and not syncing yet with iTunes since I don't want to develop any additional problems when I use the calendar on the go. My fiancee has a MBP and also got the iPhone 3G and MobileMe and is having no problem at all like this.
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    Try adding the calendar to MobileMe Web Interface first and let it Sync down to iCal. I had the same problem with Outlook (added to Outlook first) and this worked. The difference was that it placed the new calendar UNDER my main calendar instead at the same level. Maybe this is just an Outlook issue but worth a try.

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