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Apr 19, 2010
Swoyersville, PA
Hi guys, finally posting a thread here because I'm at my wits end right now and want to see if anybody else has any ideas before I drive the two hours to an Apple Store.

Last week I started seeing a big decrease in my iPhone 6S Plus battery life. Basically it was dying within 10 hours of taking it off the charger. Checking my usage, I noticed my usage and standby time we're always equal. I don't use background app refresh, location services, or anything that would constantly be on in the background, so I figured I'd watch it. Next day, same problem. That's when I decided to restore my phone with the IPSW and then restore from backup. Yep, same problem. I could not figure out what could be causing the problem until 6 hours into my work shift my Apple Watch gave me the 10% battery warning. I thought that was weird as I've had the watch since launch day and it has never died before.

So I went into the Apple Watch app and noticed my usage time and standby time for the Aple Watch was basically the same. 6 hours of usage, 6 hours and 14 minutes standby and 10% battery left.

Went home that day and reset the watch by holding the crown and other button figuring I had a rogue process in the background. Watch was off on the charger and my iPhone was not draining quite as quickly nor was my usage/standby time the same. Great, isolated the problem to the Apple Watch.

Well, next day same thing. Watch is nearly dead half way through my work shift and iPhone is draining and usage/standby are nearly equal. To let the watch live, I turned Bluetooth off on my phone so the watch wasn't connected. The 10% battery lasted nearly 3 hours after I turned Bluetooth off on my iPhone and the phone stopped draining.

So I went home and figured, unpair the watch and see how that goes. Tried to unpair and restore from backup. When I hit 90% in 30 minutes I knew it wasn't fixed. Next step: unpair watch and set up as new watch. Install no apps, basically leave it at factory settings after its set up as new. And here I am typing this as an hour into the watch being set up as new with nothing installed it's at 82%. Usage is at 58 minutes and standby is 1 hour and 1 minute. I truly don't understand how setting it up as new and having done nothing on it I am still having this problem. I do not believe it's a battery issue, there's something going on though and was hoping someone else had some ideas.

Also, I do not use any 3rd party apps on the watch, I've never had them installed even before setting it up as new an hour ago. So it's not a 3rd party app issue.

The only other thing I can possibly think to do right now is set my iPhone up as new and see if that fixes it, which I was trying to avoid but I don't know if I can any longer.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Jul 8, 2016
i have exactly the same problem as yours!!!!

i wonder who has the same problem as we do?!!!


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Jun 26, 2010
I am having the same issue. What version of iOS are you running? I just started having this issue when I updated to the iOS 10 public beta.


Oct 12, 2014
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Are you possibly syncing a large amount of photos and music to your watch? When you redid your phone and unpaired the watch it would begin that process again.

Are you leaving the Watch app in the App Switcher on the phone? It's also possible something there is getting stuck and not putting the app to sleep.

* I'm just wild guessing with these and have no idea if they are the actual issue you're having.
I am having the same issue. What version of iOS are you running? I just started having this issue when I updated to the iOS 10 public beta.

watchOS 2.2.1 isn't exactly meant to be ran with iOS 10. So issues there could easily happen.


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Jul 17, 2012
Same problem here. I restored my iPhone 6 in DFU mode and paired the watch as a new watch. From the moment there is a connection to the watch the batteries on both devices drain, I have to charge both 3 times througout the day.

Before I dit that restore everything was fine, I could get 1,5 days worth out of both devices. I restored on tuesday. This is incredibly frustrating as I can't find the problem.

However; since this started my data bundle has been used up as well; Messaging services uses 120MB per day without me using iMessage at all. I use all apps on wi-fi and have nothing enabled on cellular, so this was kind of a shock to me. I have a 500mb bundle and it's gone already by doing nothing at all. Even on wi-fi it just keeps using the entire bandwidth to download, and I don't know what or why. Again; disabling bluetooth stops all this nonsense.

I am on ios 9.3.2 and watchOS 2.2.1.


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Jun 26, 2010
Shortly after I posted yesterday, my Apple Watch seems to have righted itself and battery life is back to normal. Not sure what was causing it but happy things are back to normal.
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