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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Mother'sDay, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Mother'sDay macrumors newbie

    Oct 29, 2010
    Hi guys-Got my new imac and love, love love it. However I'm having a problem. It has locked up, to the point where I have to use the power switch to turn it off, at least once a day every day since I got it. So it has locked up 5 times in the last 4 days!! That seems like too much. Something is wrong. I've read about inserting a disk and repairing permissions. Is that what I need to do? Not to be dumb, but which disk?

    My computer is the 27" imac. I bought the refurb from apple with the 1T hard drive and had OWC change it out for ssd and 2T hd. It's super-duper fast, that's for sure. The only funny thing that happens is when it comes out of sleep, it's like the internet connection takes a while to wake back up. Usually the locking up (getting the color wheels that lock everything) occurs then. If I wait patiently and let it connect to my internet and get the email, it seems to help. I don't know what that means, but there you go.

    Oh, and this morning Safari crashed after it opened. The error message that it sent to apple had something to the effect:

    exc_bad_access (sigegv)
    kern_invalid_address@....18 (whole bunch of zeroes in there)
    crashed thread 2, webcore icon database

    At least that's what I excerpted from the middle. Does that mean anything to anybody? Before they did the work I talked with OWC and they said they would do the os install onto the ssd using the disks (not cloning from hd) if the disks were there. The disks were there, so I just assumed they did, kwim? I emailed them yesterday and haven't gotten a response back. I got smcfancontrol and have been watching the temps. I reset the fan speeds up to where someone here (in another thread) had suggested putting them. (1600 cpu, 2400 hdd, 1000 od) At those rates it is still quiet, and the temps stay around 84-90 F.

    This is my first experience with a mac, so I'm pretty stumped. Anyone know what I should do next?


    Oh, my internet connection is ethernet, cable isp.
  2. chrismacguy macrumors 68000

    Feb 13, 2009
    United Kingdom
    That doesnt sound normal at all (Ive had 7 Macs now - never had anything like this happen) - Sounds to me like it may be bad hardware - either a lose cable, or OWC mayve damaged something while they performed your aftermarket upgrade - Id contact OWC first, as if you take it into the Apple Store, they may well moan because its had an after-market upgrade performed to it (The only machine they hapilly let you upgrade as you like is the Mac Pro). - Shame about your Mac experience, as thats not normal at all. :(
  3. Mother'sDay thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 29, 2010
    Thanks Chris, I contacted OWC via email, and they wanted me to call and talk with their tech people. It has been too nuts today, but that's my next thing to do. At least it hasn't done it TODAY, only all the other days. If it just keeps from doing that, it's insanely good!

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