Problem with opening a large folder.


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May 30, 2013
Hi guys,

I have the following problem: I can't open one of the folders on my computer. Due to sheer foolishness I have let this folder to grow to the astonishing size of 123Gb. It contains mostly music tracks, epub books and some videos. However, every time I try to open this folder the finder freezes and then it disappears. I guess that some of the files are corrupted or/and the system just can't cope with such a big chunk of information.
I've tried to change the view options, so the files are in "Columns", and this worked for awhile, but I still couldn't open any of the sub-folders or delete any information.
Unfortunately, even Disk Inventory did not help to erase some of the folders, which I'd hoped to reduce the size of the giant folder. I am still on the OS 10.5.8 which probably complicates the matter even more, but still,I am sure that there must be some solution.

If you have dealt with something like this or if you know any other tricks that may help please feel free to give me some directions.

Thank you very much for spending time to read this post and trying to help out!!!


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Nov 2, 2010
You could try using Terminal.

1) Open Terminal.

2) Type the following and press enter:
cd {path to your folder}
Note that {path to your folder} can be obtained by drag-and-dropping your folder onto Terminal after your type "cd ". e.g. it may look something like

cd /Users/Adam/folder\ 1/my\ large\ folder

2) once in the correct folder, type:

ls -al *
This will list everything in this "my large folder".

3) sort through it. decide what you want to delete. then type something like:

rm -r {file name with extension}
e.g. rm -r movie3145.mkv

4) if you want to remove EVERYTHING in that folder that ends with .pdf, you would type:

rm -r *.pdf

here's a little more on the "rm" command:


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May 30, 2013

Thanks Dakwar! Thanks a lot Kryten2.

You both gave me very nice tips and I finally managed to get access to the folder. I tried first mucommander and it worked. However, I will keep in mind that I also can use Terminal.

One more time many thanks for you support fellows!!!


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Nov 6, 2008
If you're looking for a great finder alternative, look into Forklift. Bought it back in 2011 and it does more than you could want.