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    May 20, 2015
    My computer crashed today while photoshop CS5.1 was saving/writing to a psd file. When I started my computer back up, and tried to open the file again, It only displays 1 layer shown as a corrupted image (As Shown Below - the Red Image). When I click on the file in the "Open" window (The Gray Image Below), the psd shows up correctly in the Preview window but doesn't show correctly when opened. I have lost all of my layers, by the way I have worked on this psd for weeks and I need some way to recover it. I have tried "corrupted psd recovery programs", they did not work.
    Please help....:(
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    Feb 20, 2015
    Adobe Photoshop

    Open it, then under File > File Info, check that there isn't some code in there that shouldn't be there, then resave it as a .psd or .tif
    Don't click on any strange links that may be present (though sometimes there are copyright links in the copyright area that are legit identifiers.)

    Sometimes when I get issues like that, and there isn't anything in the actual File Info, it may mean there is something in the actual image code. Then I open in GraphicConverter and SAVE as .tif or .psd. That sometimes clears it up.

    A .jpg is not a layout format. Quark hates them. Never had any trouble in Indesign with them but they are compressed.
    Also read comments on the site given below:

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