Problem with quick access to camera


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Jan 17, 2012
I've searched for this, but couldn't find anything on it. Sorry if I overlooked something!

I have an iPhone 4S (Oct. 2011) and I recently updated to the latest iOS release. This problem would happen before the update, but rarely, and quick press of the lock button seemed to reset the issue. Basically, when I click (or double click, same issue) the home button to get quick access to the camera, it won't let me anymore. I'm attaching a screenshot of what it looks like. When I tap the camera icon, the screen sort of bounces up a 1/4 or so, and I can see the camera app behind the lock screen, if that makes sense.

Any ideas? Thanks :)



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Mar 12, 2012
I have I Phone recently,
And i wana update it 5.1 , but i don't know how can i do that?
can any one help me?


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Sep 21, 2005
They changed it with the latest update. The camera icon is always on the lock screen now (no need to double click the home button). Slide up to launch the camera.

Thanks! I totally missed this and couldn't figure out what happened. On closet inspection, the icon has changed so i guess if I took some time to actually look I may have figured it out.