OS X Problem with " The Witcher Enhanced edition"

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by vankata, Jan 4, 2014.

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    I bought this game from Steam a while ago, when i was on Snow Leopard. Now i am on Mavericks and i have a problem with the game. Before, when i was playing it on Snow Leopard the game started immediately, but when i started it now, it takes a few minutes to load. I don't think this is normal. After a hour and more the game crush. It tells me that Wineskin has a problem and need to close.
    My question is, is there someone with the same problem or the problem is by me.
    Thanks and have a nice day.
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    From what I just read there has been lots of problems with The Witcher on Steam particularly with Mavericks. I ran into this very recently also and decided to try my GOG.com copy of the game instead and it works just fine.

    Fortunately, anyone who owns the Witcher from Steam or elsewhere can get a free backup copy of the game, including the Mac version from GOG.com here:


    I would recommend you download and try this one which I expect will work for you since I just did that and it works for me here. This is the DRM-free version of the game by the way and does not use Steam at all. You install from a .dmg file you download at the link above after providing your serial code which you can access within the Steam client and good to go.
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    Unfortunately my experience was much worst than that, from GOG.

    I used the same route, owned the original windows game > redeemed the code to GOG and downloaded the "Mac version" from there (quotes are intentionally used as it is just a wrapped game - which I personally never consider as a Mac port).

    This version of the game was also crashing all the time. I managed to get to the 2nd chapter, then the crashes became more frequent (although random) and I just gave up.

    I also have to mention that even when it was playing (e.g. in between crashes) it had lots of glitches, but I could live with these.

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