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    Hello, I joined this forum to ask the community if they could solve my problem.
    My problem is the following:

    I heard about IconHarvester 2 months ago, how it was able to change themes to your liking, previewing them before installing, etc. So I bought it and gave it a shot. I grabbed my favorite theme, Anbu HD, and customized the icons to my interest. However, before that, I had other apps like Protube, IconHarvester, etc. that didn't have a border. The theme was "supposedly" to put a nice, white thin border around every icon. But this was true after customizing it in IconHarvester.

    Ok, so after respringing, and customizing, I noticed that the Twitter and Facebook icons were huge. I was confused at first, so I reverted back to the default Anbu theme. To my surprise, the icons were normal. :scratchhead:

    I didn't customize or changed the icons of Facebook and Twitter. So why does this happen? Any fix to this?
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    Mar 15, 2012

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