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    Hello Macrumor Forums
    Recently, when the iOS 5.1 update came by, I tried to update it, but iTunes kept on saying that my iPod is not eligible for this update, even though my iPod is a iPod 4G, and it's running iOS 5.0.1
    Any reasons for this problem? Also I have jailbreaked my iPod and have downgraded to iOS 4.3.3 in the past.
    A screenshot will be given.

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  2. Rami98 macrumors member

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    Mine did the same thing on my jailbroken 4S when i tried updating because i really needed the improved battery and after a day, it seems that it was well worth it. Here is what you do.

    1) Download and install tinyumbrella. (

    2) Open tinyumbrella

    3) plug in your ipod/iphone/ipad

    4) On the right hand side, it will tell which device(s) are plugged in.

    5) click on the device you want to fix.

    5) in the middle, there will be three tabs (logs, general, and advanced)

    6) click advanced

    7) uncheck the box that says: use cydia hosts file (uncheck if you need a clean restore from apple.)

    8) go and update from itunes, and now it will work!

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    Correct ^^

    Host file must be re-directed back to Apple.
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    May 14, 2011
    It's working!

    My iPod is restoring as we speak! Thanks!

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