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Discussion in 'iPad' started by jdcell100, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Ran out of data 2 days ago on my iPad (new iPad) I ran out a week early so tonite I logged on to buy 2 gig for the 30 bucks. That's the plan I had and got an error says try again or call customer service tried again same thing so I called. Give the girl all my info she charges my card the 30 bucks. Then she tells me she's having same problem it wont let her do it so she says she has to transfer me to a different department As she's transferring me I get disconnected. So I call back got a if front girl same department she pulls up my records and says there having a problem with the iPads with people trying to buy more data when they run out befor there date. mine should have run out may 3 So she said there working on the bug with the system. She gave me a gig for free and it worked she says on may 3 my plan will automatically renew with the 2 gig plan since I paid already. Anybody else have this problem


    One more thing the Verizion rep told me she said make sure when I'm using wifi to turn off Verizion on my iPad I have had AT&T since the first day the first iPad came out I just switched to Verizion with this iPad. And I never ever turned it off before but I guess I better get into the habit
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    She reads these threads. Turning off just ensures that you dont accidentally use 3G/4G data.

    Those on unlimited plans never worried about this but with the rather expensive cost of such little data have to be careful.

    Also make sure you cannot backup to or access iCloud while on 3G/4G. Its an option.

    What we need is a app that lets you toggle cell on an off quickly, like the recent bluetooth app.

    Damn, can't wait for a jailbreak!

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