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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Shaun.P, Feb 19, 2006.

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    Hi everyone, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me advice on the following matter.

    I started working for the first time in August last year. I was really nice to everyone etc, but I was shy. Once in the staffroom, I was reading the paper as I didn't really know what to say to the other staff as I was really shy. This guy was like somewhat aggressively 'are you not going to speak?' and eventually threw a bit of food at my face from across the staff room.

    Later, this person got pomoted to supervisor, so he is now above me, but below a manager. My work has 4 supervisors, including him.

    He constantly talks bad about other people, and the way he speaks and acts is inappropriate. He constantly says things to me - it's not really what he says but how he says it, in front of other staff and it just completely undermines my confidence, and I don't have much. He makes me feel really small, all the time. So, I consolidated with a few other staff members (a few weeks ago) (say the names of these people are A and B) about how he was treating me and they agreed, saying similar things had happened to them.

    Yesterday I was speaking to these people again and told them about an incident that occurred on the Friday concerning 'him' which really made me want to cry and just walk out of my work, as I have had enough. I also told 'A' and 'B' that I heard him talking about other people. I told 'A' that I heard him saying something about them. After our break had finished, 'A' later came up to me to say that she had spoken to the manager (notgeneral manager) about what I told her (both that he made me feel that I wanted to leave my work and what he had said about 'A'). The manager said it was unacceptible and she said that I need to be approached the correct way about dealing with this (I was mad at 'A' for going to the manager and mentioning my name) which 'A' later told the manager) The manager said I was a really hard worker and appreciated member of staff.

    Later that night, another Supervisor came up to me and said if I had a minute if I could come into the office for some training I missed as I never attended the staff meeting. She brought up the whole situation and said that I shouldn't let him bully me and he shouldn't get away with it, and that he doesn't deserve his job, and that I don't get paid to get talked to like that. She also said that he only does it because he sees me as shy and that I should stand up to him because he thinks he can get away with it. She told me, that he is also very lazy and that she doesn't know how he got promoted to Supervisor. She also told me that she can't really complain about him to the general manager as the general manager knows she doesn't like 'him'. She said I should go in and speak to the manager (a normal manager, not the general manager - the manager 'A' spoke to earlier in the day; the general manager isn't in every night). The supervisor also said that 'he' has been doing the same to a handful of people. She said it was wrong and that I need to get something done about it. She said that I was a valued member of staff who is really nice and works really hard. I was aware of the fact that she might be pushing for me to speak to a manager as her own ulteria motive, but I have later disregarded this. She was *extremely* supportive and I respect her so much more because of the conversation we had. I told her he always undermines my confidence and makes me feel really small, and it's not really a case of specific things he says, it's how he acts and says them to me. She said she could sit in with the manager with me if I felt awkward, which I said I did. She said she would come and get me later to talk about it with the manage and I said that's fine. Later she came and told me that maybe it would be a better idea for me to write a letter of everything that's happened and she will come in and sit down with me and the manager (again, not the general manager).

    Sometimes this person can be nice to me, so I tend to forget the bad things he's done to me and I sort of say to myself 'oh, I'll just leave it' but I have to write a letter for Thursday and they will take this person into the office and say something like 'It has been brought to our attention that the way you have been treating staff members is inapproriate" etc. I'm not the type of person who likes to stir anything or cause trouble, that's why I just wanted to leave it. I later appologised to 'A' for getting mad for them going to the manager as I have not released that he is bullying me and it is wrong.


    I have been reading iCon - which is an unofficial biography about steve jobs. One thing I have learned about steve's personality is his attention to detail. This letter - I want to use the perfect words, sentences, font, paper, and phrases to describe how I feel about this member of staff and how I have been treated so it sounds really really convincing. I am not really good at writing stuff and I would appreciate anybody's help with this.

    I also want to put in a request to change the days I work, so I am not working the same days as this person. It is that bad. I used to love going to my work but I dread it now.

    Please post your opinions on my story above and please try and give me some much needed advice.

    Thanks again.
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    Wow, what a jerk.

    The best thing that I can think of is to follow the other supervisor's advice and write the letter. Just explain everything you told us to the manager, and hopefully he'll be put in his place.

    You might also want to mention that you're not alone in this. Encourage other workers to write letters, too.

    People like that make me so mad... :mad:
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    Now for the bad news. Fear not, if an imbecile like that already has received a promotion, he may be on the fast track to a manager's position. Yikes!

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