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    A buddy of mine bought a used unlocked 2g 8 gb Iphone on ebay that said it has screen problems but come to find out the phone doesn't work at all. It wont charge and when its plugged in it just shows the pineapple or russian steve jobs saying (npebea!) He can plug it in for hours and it still wont turn on. Not sure if this is caused from the software issue........He tried re installing the iphone software from itunes but it says theres an error and cant continue installing...... Does anybody know whats wrong, and how to fix it. Thanks
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    It's still half jailbroken. Try putting the device in DFU mode and then restore it.
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    Here is how to get the phone into DFU Mode

    Step 1. Turn off your iPhone.

    Step 2. Hold down the power and home button.

    Step 3. When you see the Apple logo, release the power button but continue holding the home button down.

    Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that its in restore mode.

    Alternative Method:

    Step 1. Connect iphone to USB then listen to the sound when it connect and disconnect.

    Step 2. Hold the home and power buttons until hear the disconnect sound then release power button.

    Step 3. Wait until you hear another sound then release home button.
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    So it needs to be in DFU mode, not recovery mode?

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