Problematic iMac 27 models to avoid? GPU problems?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by esutton, Sep 4, 2014.

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    Aug 19, 2013
    Apple immediately removed my question from their forum a few minutes ago. I suspect this means the answer was YES! there are iMac 27 models that have AMD Radeon design defects or other issues and we do not want them discussed.

    My question was are there any iMac 27 models that are known to have graphics processor ( GPU ) problems, overheating issues, etc? Basically are there iMac 27 configurations to avoid? SSD issues, etc?

    I am considering an October 2012 iMac 2.9GHz i5.

    My last computer purchase was a 2011 MacBook Pro quad-core i7 15" with an AMD discrete processor that has failed and made my computer purchase worthless.

    While I was aware of the increased potential of GPU failure for this partricular model I had hoped I would be lucky. I put my blind faith in Apple's quality reputation and it did not pay off.

    This time I am doing more advance research to avoid this situation when purchasing an iMac 27 for a family member.

    Any feedback or rumors are appreciated.

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    The Sandy Bridge generation of Macs (iMacs and MacBook Pros) were notorious for failing GPUs (27" - 6970M, early-2011 15"/17" - 6490M & 6750M, late-2011 15"/17" - 6750M & 6770M).

    The NVIDIA equipped Macs don't have any GPU failures...yet.
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    This just seems strange that they would remove a post about a 3+ yr old machine that they do not sell anymore even in the refurb store.

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    Jun 27, 2014
    I'm not surprised; happened to me as well. Apple just can't take negative feedback nor criticism. And considering that they are curbing free speech, in a country which supposedly protects it, is just criminal behavior.

    To answer your question though I'd avoid all AMD iMacs. They would fine on the PC side of things; and if you don't need Lightboost or 3D Surround (not avail be on iMac's) you can save some $ buying AMD (on the PC).

    That aside, all iMac's in the last 6 years or so have been plagued with problems; so even if you get an iMac with a Nvidia laptop-part chip in it, you might discover that it's sick with icterus, or running a high-fever.

    The so-called geniuses (ha!) at the not-so-genius-bar solution to everything is to replace the motherboard (er, logic board).

    So YES! your suspicions are correct.

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