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    I come in here every now and again and am quite dumbfounded. I see the rash of iMac or Mac problems in general. I guess I am lucky? Oh yeah, sorry about the title.....was funnin.

    I took my 17" uMBP with me to DUSTY-stupid-hot (130+ with 78% humidity) Kuwait this summer. I also took it to Mosul Iraq with me to fix a C-17. It still looks brand new (Booq Vyper) and works flawlessly. I updated it with flawlessly.

    I have a white 17" early intel core duo iMac running Tiger. Even with the kids messing around on it...its still chuggin away. Not a problem.

    I am uber-bitchy about my Mac's and how they perform. While I may not be 100% Mac savvy, I am still learning them. I dont see how all these problems come up. By no means am I insulting anyone or saying that the problems that I read in here are not valid.

    Matter of fact. I am having my "whitey", my current iMac wiped clean and installing the Mac Box Set with SL and then giving it to my mother....her first mac. I'll buy a 24" iMac to fill the void. Apple has done alright by me....
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    its a mac form that provides help, of course your going to see lots of problems here because its a great place for people to get help because there are alot of knowledgeable people on here
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    I have had great luck with my Apple products, but I agree that it seems on the surface that there are all kinds of problems. Those that have problems are sometimes due to abuse and neglect, sometimes due to human error (messing with software they shouldnt, installing things they maybe shouldn't or just screwing with files they shouldn't.) and some are just unlucky or get a bad egg.

    I have noticed it seems like many problems seem to keep happening to the same person over and over which leads me to think it is neglect/abuse/error reasons rather than quality control. Not that Apple doenst have quality control issues at times....there have been plenty of documented issues that are sometimes taken care of by Apple and sometimes not.

    Consumer reports has said in the past Apple products have been the top of the bunch on reliability/quality- recently they rate them closer to the top PC manufacturers- especially on laptops! That could be a result of selling lots for macs than in the past- it is also due to the fact that those buying laptops now are probably more mainstream consumers who probably don't treat their Apple laptops as their second child like I do!!!:):apple:

    Another example is that I have a PS3...never had a problem with updates, bricking, etc. (neither had my brother in law who has one) If you go to the forums you see almost nothing but people that have had problems with updates. Again- sometimes people are unlucky, but more often it is incorrectly doing updates (Sony recommends using a computer and dowloading to a flash drive then updating- and most don't do it that way.)

    Enjoy that you have had great luck with your computers.

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