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Probleme with MBP 16 inch 2019


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Nov 20, 2020
Hello all,

I've bought macbook pro 16 inch in august after a long time dreaming about it. Since, mid september the finder keep crashing all the time for no reason. I tried almost everything i know (cleanmymac, Onyx) without succes then i've decided yesterday to reinstall MacOS. When i woke up this morning with the new install i discovered that the problem is still there ... It's pretty ridiculous i have a bootcamp on this computer and windows works better than Catalina ! It makes me depressed regardind the price of this machine and the fact that with my previous mac from 2012 i neverd had any bug in 8 years ...

I ask then for help, is there anyone able to help me with that ??

Thanks in advance


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Aug 31, 2020
When you did the reinstall, did you wipe the entire hard drive or just the macOS partition?

Do you have an external SSD you can install macOS on? If it happens on an external SSD, especially one with only the included Mac apps, it would seem very likely this is being caused by something related to the hardware.
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