Problems converting HFS volume to APFS

Discussion in 'macOS High Sierra (10.13)' started by applCore, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. applCore macrumors regular


    May 3, 2011
    I have a volume that I keep my home on as well as used it for a system backup. I no longer need to have a system backup on this volume and only need my /Users folder...

    So I thought I'd just go ahead and convert it today, but I got the following error:
    Error: -69546: Conversion to APFS of a macOS system volume is only allowed in the OS Installer Environment

    So my question is, what's the proper process to make the conversion tools no longer gripe about this? Do I simply rm all the other folders, etc. and then will the conversion tools understand that they can move forward with conversion to APFS or do I need to change the volumes around somehow on the drive?
  2. oatman13 macrumors regular

    Feb 14, 2013
    Delete: The System folder on the root of that volume. You're welcome.
  3. applCore thread starter macrumors regular


    May 3, 2011
  4. applCore, Aug 16, 2017
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    May 3, 2011
    So I let that proceed, but now it's been hung on "Updating xx,xxxx symlinks" for hours. Not seeing a way to get past this.

    I'm wondering if there is a verbosity control somewhere to find out the true status of a file system conversion? I'm not seeing anything right now that ups the verbosity...
  5. jhend1 macrumors newbie

    Apr 13, 2018
    Just rename it instead.
  6. haralds macrumors 6502a


    Jan 3, 2014
    Silicon Valley, CA
    You can also do conversions of partitions with systems from the Recovery partition.

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