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Discussion in 'iPod' started by dest, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. dest, Oct 5, 2014
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    Sep 26, 2014
    Hi, long term lurker but only just joined up!
    Hopefully someone can shed some light on this, as its driving me insane :(
    Ive googled and found many other people with the same problem but no one ever posts any solutions.

    Basically, I have a large collection of MP3's that all play correctly and have no issues at all. None are corrupt.

    I can put them all into iTunes and play them, but when I try to put them all onto my iPod it keeps failing with the following errors.



    If I click OK I can start it syncing again, it will copy a random number of files and fail again.
    It is different files every time. I have tried to remove the files it fails on and it makes no difference.
    I have reset the iPod to factory settings.
    It makes no difference what I try, I keep getting the same errors!
    I have also tried to sync a load of them onto my iPhone and iPad with the same results.
    Sometimes it will copy 1 file and fail and if you're lucky it might do 10 at once.
    Eventually I can get all the files onto the iPod, but with over 5000 songs it takes hours of sitting there restarting it :(


    In the example above, it failed on the song "Touch", this is the info for that file.
    it is not corrupt and plays fine

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    Sep 26, 2014
    For anyone interested, I think I may be on to something.
    Now that Ive nearly died of boredom and synced the majority of the files, its now being more obvious that it is the same files failing each time.
    However, because there are quite a few, it did seem like it was random at first.
    Coupled with the fact that they will open and play perfectly well with other devices and programs it makes it even more confusing.

    However, I have picked out about 6 that kept failing and have re-encoded them in MP3 format (even though they already were MP3's!) and after doing that they sync straight away!
    The only difference between the files after encoding is that they are slightly smaller in size even though they are encoded at the same bitrate.
    Very strange, at least I have a solution.
    Now Ive got to re-encode about 500 songs one by one :(

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