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germ war

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Dec 5, 2003
Saint Paul, MN
For a few weeks now, perhaps triggered by the 10.3.8 update, I've been trying to download the newest version of Adium. I've tried both Safari and Mozilla Firefox, but I'm having an unusual problem.

When I click the file to be downloaded, the download window never comes up in either browser. It just refreshes the page. I tried going to to download something off their page (Firefox, Thunderbird, ANYTHING really...) and nothing would work - it would just refresh the page.

I've reset Safari, and nothing seems to help. Any ideas what might be causing this problem, and is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?


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Jan 9, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
What happens when you try to download it using this link:

Also, when you say that the download window doesn't come up, do you mean that it gets as far as the mirror page, but then just refreshes, or do you mean that you never even get to the mirror page from the main AdiumX page?

Try downloading it with your pop-up and ad- blockers disabled....Is it possible that the site somehow got on a content filter somewhere? I have 10.3.8 and FF1.0 with pop-up blocking enabled and AdBlock on, and I can download it.

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