Problems exporting Keynote to PowerPoint (iWork '09 - Office '07)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by DudeMartin, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. DudeMartin macrumors regular

    Dec 2, 2010
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    Hey everyone!

    Recently I bought a Mac, and along with it, I picked up a copy of iWork for $50, as it is 30 bucks cheaper when you buy it along with a Mac. Anyways, tomorrow I have a presentation in my Spanish class about my family (it is a beginners Spanish course) and I had a choice to make a poster or a PowerPoint. Obviously I am better at technology than I am at making physical posters and art in general - so I went with the PowerPoint. It was until I was finished with making my Keynote project that I started worrying along compatibility issues. It was in the back of my mind the whole time because I read about how iWork is compatible with Office, so I was not worried about these issues.

    Anyways, I figured that now that I am done with my Keynote I would e-mail it to my home computer as a PowerPoint document (Share -> Mail (as PowerPoint) -> Send). So I sent the Keynote presentation as a PowerPoint to my home computer. I went on my home computer and I downloaded it from there. Now when I opened the PowerPoint file (a Keynote exported as a PowerPoint project), a window came up when Office was starting up, it was something along the lines of "Cannot open 'directory of the file' because part of the file was missing."

    I even tried using the Share option on Keynote where it uploads my presentation to and then download it from my PC from there - no avail.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why PowerPoint says it cannot open my Keynote presentations because "part of the file was missing," even though I am exporting my Keynotes as PowerPoint projects?

    Thanks in advance!
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    In all respects Keynote is superior to Powerpoint. If you can do your presentation in Keynote, it will look much better, in my opinion. I have experience with both, Keynote is more polished.

    First, try and save/export as a Powerpoint file, save to a flash drive, and physically drag the file to your pc hard drive. See if that works.

    Second, the Keynote to Powerpoint conversion has given me trouble in the past. Especially if you use some of the advanced Keynote features, such as Magic Move or Smart Builds, these simply do not play nice with Powerpoint (and they look great in Keynote, but Powerpoint, not so much).

    Also, since your deadline is tomorrow, you may have no choice/time except to get it into a display format for class. If you are about to miss a deadline, save your Keynote as a Quicktime movie and play it in class. I've done a lot of Keynote>Quicktime conversions for PC folk, and it usually looks much better than a Powerpoint conversion, esp. since you can review the final result as it is likely to appear on their home machine.
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    Dec 2, 2010
    Chicago, Illinois
    Well I got my teacher to allow me to present on Monday (there is no school Friday). Anyways, does anyone know what could cause this problem? Using Keynote to present is really not an option because I don't want to bring my computer to school (don't trust myself enough) and there aren't any other Macs in the school as far as I know.

    However, I might ask my school's newspaper staff if they have any idea, as they have used Macs because they are better for graphic design - it makes perfect sense to me,

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