Problems installing Bootcamp + XP on an Air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by CountBrass, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. CountBrass macrumors regular

    Mar 17, 2009
    I've been trying to install Windows XP sp2 on my MBA (rev B SSD, Apple's external superdrive).

    Bootcamp partitions the disk just fine but when I try to install XP on it the Windows installer borks complaining about a format error on the disk...

    Tried several times, both having Bootcamp format the partition and the XP installer format the partition, both FAT and NTFS. Same problem every time.

    I've tried two different XP disks, the one I bought for the MBA and also the copy I've successfully installed on my Mac Pro.

    Googled several times but can't find anyone else who's had the same, or even a similar, problem.

  2. gsampson macrumors member

    Dec 3, 2007
    Are you following the directions from the print-out directions they give you when you start the boot-camp assistant? I didn't and it wouldn't install correctly because I was using the wrong partition. Then I used the directions and realized my mistake and installed it on the correct partition. Can't recall off-hand what the correct one is, but I know for a fact it isn't the one that is selected when you go to install.
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    Jun 27, 2007
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    Jul 27, 2007
    Hamster wheel
    Slipstream SP2 into it and you should be set.
  5. d94 macrumors member

    May 5, 2006
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    Mar 17, 2009
    Definition of a consultant: someone that borrows your watch in order to tell you the time.

    Chocolate tea pot.
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