problems installing windows cd - no bootable device

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by whyamac, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Jul 15, 2010
    I have this student's laptop who's hdd was corrupted as. Only 10% worked, able to slightly read through external drive reader which took ages to read. Couldn't get testwin or chkdsk to repair it (under windows)

    Anyway, got him to replace the hdd and he also wanted windows on there. Either XP or 7 on there.

    Upon trying to boot from the windows 7 or windows XP disc, I get "no bootable device found - insert boot disc and press any key"

    Thus tried booting while holding C down, and tried booting while holding "option" down", problem is..i think his bios is corrupted as well. I get a white screen upon powering up. No mac logo. When I hold down "option", the mouse arrow pops up but nothing to click on.

    He doesn't have a Mac install disc, doesn't have boot camp, tried one way on formatting hdd as FAT (and FAT32) (as suggested by one guy but that is with vista and without bootcamp).

    Tried hirens bootdisc and that loads fine. Able to use formatting tools there and tried running win 7 install. Didn't work. Tried running windows xp install, started to run and install but then stops installing and shuts down installation.

    I am all out of options. what i was thinking of trying was installing it onto the drive via normal PC then plug it into the mac but don't want to result to that way.

    Can anyone suggest something else. Or know where I can get a copy of a Mac install disc or a boot camp boot cd or something.

    Basically, need to fix bios or load screen to see apple logo and any other options from the keys i press
    And get windows onto it with or without boot camp

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    Apple Store, Amazon, Best Buy.
    Snow Leopard Disk is 29$. And you can't treat a Mac like a Windows PC. The disk fomat is HFS+ and not FAT or NTFS. It has no BIOS, it uses UEFI. It doesn't boot off Windows-CDs without bootcamp.
    chkdisk is likely to destroy the rest of the HFS+ drive. There is the DiskUtil which can verify and repair HFS+ partitions. It's accessable via the Snow Leopard disk by the menu at the top. And "testwin" isn't gonna work, because it's not "testmac". You can't install it on the drive on a pc, because a Mac needs bootcamp to boot windows. Just get the Snow Leopard Disk.
    It's probably a good idea to change the harddrive, too. They fail - sooner or later.

    I hope you don't teach computer science. :p

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