Problems printing 9x12 from Pages on Epson

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    I'm trying to print greeting cards (set up to fill 1/4 of a 9x12 sheet, in landscape orientation) from Pages 6.3.1 on a 2017 MacBook Air running High Sierra 10.13.3 with an Epson XP-330 printer. I can print cards on 8.5x11 paper in landscape orientation with no problem. But when I ask it to print a 9x12 sheet in landscape orientation, while the sheet looks just fine on the Pages layout, it prints in a twisted position--half the picture runs off the page, and the part that does print is shifted 90 degrees from what it should be. If I change the Page Setup to portrait orientation what i get on the screen looks like what I am getting in the printout. (I have not actually tried printing when it looks like that on the screen.) If any of you have any idea of what I am doing wrong and how I could fix it, I'd appreciate hearing that. Thanks.
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    Hey -

    What paper size did you select? I am not familiar with 9 x 12. If it is not listed in the paper size choices (and you still have Letter selected) you can make a custom paper size.

    You want to be sure that both the document size and the paper size match: 9 x 12

    The next thing is, if this is a traditional greeting card, you may need to select booklet. If so, that means 4 pages. This may vary by application and printer....have note done this with Pages.
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    Thanks. I should have specified--I did create a custom paper size in Page Setup. Not sure if that counts as setting the document size or the paper size.Will look up setting something up as a booklet. But I've been able to print greeting cards on 8.5x11 without needing to use booklet mode.
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    Have you tried grouping together all of your content and rotating it 90 degrees, so that you are seeing it sideways on the screen? Maybe that printer struggles with 9X12 auto-rotation? So if you rotate the content on a portrait page, the printer may print it as you wish (sideways) on paper that is going through the printer sideways (for this print) too?

    While this may not be an ideal solution, it will probably work.

    A slight variation would be to print to PDF, save as one big .tif, then create a new doc and print the .tif image in both orientation (looking for the one that will work). Maybe a single file will print as expected vs (maybe) a bug in asking the printer to properly rotate and print a PDF file.
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    You may be out of luck. the specs for the printer are
    Paper Sizes:4" x 6", 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", A4, half letter, A6, user definable, 5" x 7", 16:9 wide. The other reason is that the music industry has for a very long time prevented printer manufacturers from providing 9x12 printing because that is the size of sheet music and they do not want you to be able to copy.
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    Already answered Joanna's question in another forum. Pages does not allow for a 9 x 12" setup in its current version. Older versions (iWork 09) did allow for custom page sizes.

    I guess the music industry never heard of copy machines? :rolleyes:
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    Just received this information from another forum member of the other forum you posted to. This is what he wrote:

    Go File Menu>Page Setup...>Paper Sizes. Click on the Paper Size bar and then scroll down to the bottom to Manage Custom Sizes. You can now design your own page size.

    I just tried it and it works! I easily designed a 9 x 12" page which then appeared in my print dialog. Sorry we couldn't answer your question before. Hope this helps. :)

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