problems starting up with my mbpr

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Appletise, Nov 4, 2016.

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    Sep 19, 2012
    l purchased my fantastic mbpr in October 2012, using it daily for an average ~3-4 hours? it has been most reliable, only crashed like ~ two or three times? Yesterday, it shut down shortly after opening my fairly hardware intensive software. The battery was ~80%. I tried to reopen it but it failed, even after an hour and while it was being charged to fully being charged. This morning it wouldn't start either, so l booked an appointment with the "Genius bar" , at local Apple store. l tried to restart it but it had the empty battery flashing icon, so l recharged it for a short moment and it is now working again.

    What could be causing this problem? remember the battery was 100% just yesterday when I tried to restart for the last time until today. Today, it was flashing empty battery. At most the battery may seep 1-5%? if not used at all overnight. so must be some major seepage?

    when l click on the battery icon on top right, it says "Condition: Replace Soon". I was certain it was the battery, but could my desktop clutter contribute to this? There is a whole desktop and a half full of screen shots. please see attachment. l have now put all the screen shots in a single folder. Can someone tell me what could be causing this?

    thanks for help

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    Take it in to Apple. Chances are you just need a new battery, but they can run diagnostics to see if anything else might be causing the issue.

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