Problems syncing my iphone purchased apps

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    Apr 22, 2010
    Hi everybody. Im new here. I registered because yesterday something happened when I synchronized my iphone, and i thought that this was the best place to solve my problem (the other was to send bazillions of hate mail to Apple because it really pissed me off). Sorry if my english aint that good.

    Well, first I connected my iphone to the computer and started Itunes. Then the image of all my iphone apps appear. All sync boxes are unchecked. When I check the Sync aplications box, the iphone started to do it, but then the image of my iphone without any of my purchased apps appeared. I found that weird, since I looked my iphone again and all my apps were still there. I didnt know what the hell to do, so I hit the Apply button because i thought that this way all my apps could be transfered fron the phone to Itunes.

    When this thing finished, I almost scream because the program copied only one page of my iphone (one page of purchased apps), out of 4 that I had. I dont know why the hell it decided to copy just some of them, and erase the rest. So i was left with only 2 pages, the one with all the default apps, and one with some of the puchased ones, that the ****in program decided to save.

    Anybody knows what the hell happened????? It pissed me off to the max, because I know that i can go back and download them again... but there are 3 goddam pages of apps that i have to download, one by one, and i cant rmeber all of them. This never happened before. And this is not the first time that I sync my iphone.

    I know that the freakin itunes wont restore the lost apps, i just want know what are the right steps to avoid this issue. Syncing the iphone is the most painful and retarded method of copying files to any phone ever created. I swear.

    Thank you by the way for reading this, any help will be appreciated.
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    I believe you should have right clicked on the iPhone in iTunes and selected transfer purchases before doing what you did.
  3. KadajSouba thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 22, 2010
    And thats it???? I mean for such an important feature, its very hidden from plain view. So I need to do this everytime????

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