Problems to merge two dvd with QT

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aka.seim, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. aka.seim, Nov 2, 2011
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    aka.seim macrumors newbie

    Nov 2, 2011
    Hi. I want to merge two dvd disc into just one m4v file for Apple TV and iPad.
    What I'm done is to rip both DVDs with Handbrake and then merge with Quicktime Pro but the result file, no matter if I save it as mov or export as m4v, cannot be played on QuickTime X (always prompt QT Pro) and on the Apple TV only plays the first part and the second one just shows a black screen.
    The only different step I have made compares to when I have merged other videos without problems is that I have marked the text file on the properties windows with the chapter to mantein the chapters of both part.

    I have tried to merge both with Quicktime X but then the file has no chapter at all and I'm still waiting QT exports the file to see if the black screen remains or not.

    I know that must be a way to merge both without this black screen problem and with all the chapters but after hours and hours ripping and converting and saving and exporting I can not figure out how... Both videos plays correctly on QTX and Apple TV so the problem must be on the merge step.

    I would appreciate any help. Thanks
    (Hope everybody understand my english...)


    I have just discover that the black screen it's not really a black screen but the first frame of the second part completely frozen during all the second part.

    On the other side I have tried to delete the text file with the chapter on both parts and then merge and save a mov but the problem persist: the second part just don't work.

    I just can not imagine which is the problem...


    Merge with Quicktime X and export (default save) give me a complete black video with no image or sound.

    What I don't understand is that if I take the last part of first movie and the first part of second there'e no problem: I can save the result as mov or export as m4v and works so the problem are not the movies but.... something else
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    I would probably skip using Quicktime altogether to merge the files. This is what I would do, and even though it might seem a bit complicated, it is a solution I've tried and tested a few times before.

    Programs you'll need:

    Now, since you've converted the DVDs to .m4v, you've already solved the issues of video and audio codecs. Next, we need to merge the two streams into one.

    1. Open mkvtoolnix
    2. Click "add" in the gui and navigate to your first .m4v file.
    3. Click 'append' in the gui and navigate to your second .m4v file. You can repeat this step if you have more than two movie files to merge.
    4. Click 'browse' next to the file output name. Navigate to the folder you want the new file to save in and name the file, making sure to specify a .mkv extention.
    5. Make sure the sure the tracks are all checked to ensure they'll be merged in the new file.
    6. Click "Start Muxing." This step may take a while depending on your hardware.

    Now, when you're finished, you'll have merged both .m4v files into a single .mkv file. However, we need to repack those streams into an .m4v or .mp4 file so you can use them with iTunes. This is where subler comes in.

    1. Open subler. No window will open when you open it, so just watch out to make sure it's active on your dock.
    2. Drag the .mkv file from above onto the Subler icon.
    3. Subler will open a new window asking what tracks to import to your untitled project. Select all of them.
    4. Go to file>save. Here you can choose whether to save it as an .m4v, .mp4, or .m4a (audio only). Select either .m4v or .mp4 and name your movie. Don't forget to save it, of course.

    And viola, you've successfully merged two .m4v files into one. Play the file to make sure it came out to your liking and enjoy. Oh, and also, don't be concerned with the mkvtoolnix steps in terms of quality. In this process, we did not do any converting, but rather repacking, which preserves the quality of the original files.
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    Nov 2, 2011

    Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooooo much. It works :D
    With the chapters and subtitles and easier and faster than with my broken QT.

    I owe you one :p
  4. aka.seim, Nov 7, 2011
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    aka.seim thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 2, 2011
    I'm sorry for coming here again but I have now another problem.
    The second video I want to merge have two black frames at the begining. In QT I can see that the video is 1:57:29:76 and the audio it's 1:57:29:74 so during these black frames there is no sound.
    When I merge the two videos this cause a sync problem that I have tried to solve on Mkvtoolnix with the Delay option on "Format specific options" but it seems that I don't know what to put on it. I have tried to put -200, +200, -20, +20 as delay on the audio of the second video but nothing works.
    I have searched but I don't find anything that helps, most of the info I simply don't understand...

    On the other hand I have tried to find a way to delete these black frames when ripping with Handbrake but again I can't find a way.

    Any idea? Thanks

    I just want to add that this sync problem only occurs in the final and merged file but not one the second video "alone" both playing on QT. So the sync problem happens during the merge process.
    On the initial video QT doesn't play the black frames but I can see them on the merged video.


    Finally the black frames were not on the second video but the first so I have delete them with QT Pro and now everything sync... :)

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