Problems Updating to 4G iPad 3

Discussion in 'iPad' started by driftwoodtea, May 23, 2012.

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    Have used Apple products since my father got me a Apple Plus as a child and, save for very sloppy QC on one version of the MBP, have never really encountered any issues.

    Decided to try out the New iPad (my first) and preordered a launch day 32GB Wifi model. Have been very happy with it.

    Realised I could actually do more for work on this than I was expecting and so have recently begun to rue not getting the 4g model (the ability to easily switch in foreign pre pay sims while travelling would be amazing).

    Decided to give my father my Wifi version and ordered a 4g model from John Lewis. I collected it today only to discover a full stop sized area of dirt or dead pixels by the k key in portrait mode. (It looked just like - k.) The screen was also markedly yellow which was an issue, having read many posts on here, I had perhaps imagined had been overblown by some.

    With regards to the yellow tint, without doing a side by side comparison, I may not have noticed this and I do wonder if my current iPad has gotten a little whiter over time anyway.

    The dirt or pixels however was awful. I am hoping this was a one off. I have returned it now, and will be sent an replacement, however do fear becoming trapped in a constant returning cycle!
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    Why on earth would you post such a ridiculous article to an issue he is having, how in anyway does that help the OP??

    I don't even want to get into this but wow just use a fraction of your brain before you post something !!!!


    As so many have said on here it is a very small minority with screen issues, I too am in that tiny minority according to threads on here. I will believe that when I get an acceptable iPad .

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