Problems w/ GTX 570 in 10.8.3

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by skippyfx, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. skippyfx, Mar 21, 2013
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    skippyfx macrumors newbie

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    I have a GTX 570 2.5GB (from MacVidCards) in my Mac Pro 4,1. After months of flawless use with 10.8.2, I updated to 10.8.3 and CUDA 5.0.45 yesterday and now I have problems.

    In Firefox and Safari, there is occasional horizontal tearing when scrolling quickly. After Effects still recognizes the card but it's hiccuping and freezing when using CUDA.

    Guess I should've waited for a Nvidia driver first.
  2. MacVidCards Suspended

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    you are first person to mention this, hopefully the 10.8.3 Nvidia driver will fix
  3. motionwind macrumors newbie

    Mar 19, 2013
    oh super :-( I can't tell you "yet" but I'm currently in the process of doing "basically" the same thing (except my card is NOT a mod'ed card -- I'm ok with keeping my old card for doing troubleshooting in cases where I need a boot prompt). I also have a Mac Pro 3.1 and today I went ahead and upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. Furthermore I updated Cuda v4 to the latest v5 just a few minutes ago. When I read the article it said they had tested/installed the 570 GTX with 10.8.2 ... so when I saw my OS X version was 10.8.3 I was a little surprised and anxious that this small version change might make some difference (considering all the sensitive issues with doing the 570 GTX Mac Pro thing in the first place -- darned APPLE could make things so much easier for us).

    Anyway, I cannot yet tell you how my 570GTX will REACT to all these new changes (especially the OSX 10.8.3 point you mentioned). Another small difference is that my 570GTX is a SUPER OVER-CLOCKED version (made by GigaByte) which has one 6-pin and one 8-pin connector. I read that a few people have got this going by simply getting a 6-to-8 adapter for the 2nd connector (the only disadvantage is that it might not truly run in over-clocked mode, as it will possibly be under-powered, which I DON'T CARE ABOUT).

    So, to sum it up, in the next 1-to-2 days I should have that stupid cable I need to make this all reality, and I'll let you know if my configuration works or not.



    Here's the correct link for the 5xx series cards (the other was for the 6xx Nvidia series)
  4. motionwind macrumors newbie

    Mar 19, 2013
    Success :) !

    I first received a 2nd 6-pin cable in the Mail (I had ordered this prior to ordering the 6-to-8 cable, before I knew I had mistakenly ordered an overclocked vid card). Since I had to wait another 3 weeks for the 6-to-8 pin adapter, I got a little impatient and I researched more ... found this ...,3061-12.html ... and then realized the extra 2 pins on the 8-pin card-side are both GROUNDs ... meaning no power "required". They only signal the card to activate OVERCLOCKING and DRAW EXTRA POWER. Also, the article explained that there is normally only ONE safe way to plug the 6-pin PCI-e cable into the card, and "unless you force it", it will normally only work one way (with the snap-on holder facing upward, you would put the 6-pin into the 8-pin toward the RIGHT). So, I figured I'm safe to use ONLY 6-pin PCI-e cables for the time being (of course with this configuration you're bypassing the over-clocking, which is not taking full power advantage of the card). When I get the 6-to-8 I will probably give that one a go too :), but can happily confirm that I've been working with the card for a half a day with no problems so far (ok, let's see after some weeks). Prior to HEAVY, LONGER Rendering activities I'm still gonna do some more tests, and monitor temperatures. -- regards, J.

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