Problems with Canon ImageClass MF5880dn All-in-One Printer

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by genome2k, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. genome2k macrumors member

    Oct 20, 2010
    Hi guys I recently bought this All-in-one B&W laser printer Canon "imageClass MF5880dn" machine. I didn't do much research before i bought it, because i took it for granted that "Mac compatible" and that Finder face icon means it's "completely" compatible.

    Now it turns out to be very weird as it's only PARTIALLY compatible. This thing has print/fax/copy/scan and all the functions are available to a PC with either USB or Network connection. But with Mac, network functions are only available for Print/Fax but not Scan. And if you wanna do scanning with a mac you have to hook up the MF5880 via USB. You can't scan with a network connection. The say the scanning driver is a USB driver only and doesn't support a network connection.

    This is really a pain. So I need a solution and here are my questions...

    1. Would there be any third party software that can make the scanning function work over my LAN -- i am just wondering if any software can somehow use that USB driver work under an networked environment?

    2. If the software angle is a dead end, would you guys recommend a network print server (a hardware print server)? so i can hookup the All-in-one with the print server via USB, then connect the print server into my LAN (either wifi or Ethernet would be OK). And I access the scanning function of the All-in-one via that print server, where the print server makes the All-in-one "thinks" it's been hooked up to the Mac via USB so i can get the machine fully functional under a LAN+Mac OS environment.

    3. I'd say I should've known better. Canon makes great products but they've never been very friendly to Mac. But the HP stuffs are no longer as good as they were (quality-wise and hardware performance-wise). And Epson doesn't have laser AIOs. So what other options do we have? Any recommendations for Mac friendly laser printer all-in-one with advanced functions like the Canon 5880dn has?
    Thanks a lot guys.


    1. The Canon "imageClass MF5880dn" product page:

    2. The MF5880 itself supports

    Scanner Compatibility: TWAIN, WIA
    Network: TCP/IP v4 and v6, Bonjour -- but just for Printing and Fax

    And in particular, the following cited from its specification sheet:

    [B]Print Protocols:[/B] LPD, RAW
    [B]Supported Network Protocols:[/B] TCP/IP v4, TCP/IP v6 (print only), SMB;
    TCP/IP Set of Application Services: ARP+PING, Secondary DNS, Dynamic DNS
    [B]Network Management Protocols[/B]: HTTP, SNMP v1, WINS, BOOTP, RARP,
    DHCP, DNS, Bonjour
    MIB: RFC1213 (MIB-11), RFC1514 (Host Resources MIB), 
    RFC1759 (Printer MIB), Canon MIB
  2. jenzjen macrumors 68000

    Aug 20, 2010
    What did you originally do? I would have downloaded the 3 driver files and installed them in this order - printer, fax and scanner. Then, go to system preferences, print & fax, click the + and wait up to a minute. You should see the printer come up. Add it, print test page and restart.

    Then, go back to add a printer and this time after clicking +, wait a minute or so. Hopefully you see the scanner come up?
  3. genome2k thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 20, 2010

    Thanks Jenzjen but yep, I certainly know how to install the drivers and add the printers. Now the printer and fax are working well through the LAN. But the scan doesn't work unless i hook the Mac up with a USB cable.

    Actually, on that product page i showed you and in the Specifications, it actually had made very clear (just shame i didn't went it through before i bought):

    [B]USB Functions:[/B]
    Windows: Print/PC Fax/Scan
    Mac: Print/PC Fax/Scan
    [B]Network Functions:[/B]
    Windows: Print/PC Fax/Scan
    Mac: Print/PC Fax

    And this is really a great machine, it's a personal/SOHO size and price with functionalities and performance mostly seen in enterprise level models. I really want to keep it. So still the questions on my top thread.

    Oh, more info: I have an Airport Extreme router (abgn with USB). And that USB is supposed to be able to play print server. I have also tried that but still no lucky with the scan. It seems not all print server supports USB scanner. Thats why i was asking for advice on print server.

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