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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by HDFan, Aug 18, 2015.

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    My 42 mm stainless link watch has just started showing a green square whenever I want to change a setting with the rotary dial. For example in setting a countdown timer if the hour is selected and I rotate the dial nothing happens, but a green square appears overlaying the 2:00 position on the dial.

    If I choose to start an activity and change the calorie settings all I get is a green square just about the + setting.

    If I press in the rotary dial to choose another activity on the program face I often just get that same square.

    I have shut it down and restarted it twice but get the same thing.

    So my watch isn't really useable now.
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    It sounds like the voice over feature in accessibilities is turned on.
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    Just talked with Apple Support. What we found:

    1) The square only comes up when moving the digital crown. It may sometime flash when you are moving around on the applications page.

    2) The digital crown is completely disabled for changing values. i.e. workout calorie counts, countdown timer hours/minutes, etc.

    3) The digital crown does work when pressing in to change screens.

    4) The workaround is to turn off the zoom setting in the Apple watch app. If you toggle zoom on/off you will see the green box momentarily flash.

    At this point the issue is being treated as a software problem.
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    I've seen something similar recently on another thread. They were customizing their watch face, touched the complication area and held their finger there while hitting the crown and once they exited the green square remained and the crown did not respond correctly. The fix was one of two options. Restart the watch or open customize face again and force quit the app by holding the friends button until you see power off, let off, and tap the friends button again.

    This may not be what you are seeing but here is the video they made as an example.
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    That's the Zoom box. Did you enable zoom?

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