Problems with HP Photo smart C6100

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Sossity, Mar 11, 2013.

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    before anyone says anything, I know this is a mac dominated forum, but I use a windows PC as well, and a PC forum I am signed up to is upgrading & I cannot make posts there right now, so i will ask here to see if anybody can help me, as I see some users here do own windows boxes as well.

    I currently have an HP photosmart all in one printer scanner HP C6100. It is connected via USB 2.0 to a dell PC with windows XP home edition service pack 2

    When ever I try to power it up, the light on it just blinks, & it just hangs, I once went into the computer system settings & it showed the printer as disconnected, so I unplugged & plugged it back in, & it worked. But I have had to do this plugging & unplugging a few times to get it working properly.

    another problem I am having is it will not print pages that I want or select from the internet or word documents. It will print only a top corner & the print is very large, it is like it cannot get the scale of the pages right. i have tried to set the scale in the printer preferences diologe to fit to page.
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    Try resetting all printer settings back to their factory defaults with the setup button on the printer.

    Try HP's new "Print and Scan Doctor" troubleshooting utility:
    (I didn't see the c6100, but I did find both a c6150 and a c6180, so I chose the c6150)

    Also, I recommend at least updating your copy of XP to SP3 if you are able to, but that is another topic.

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